3 Things New Moms Should Know


New Mom Advice: Stop the Advice!

The parenting advice begins once you are pregnant. Everyone tells you how to raise your child before you even meet them. The advice is kind, good-natured, and incredibly annoying. My advice: smile, nod, and do your own thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there is good advice out there, and I listen to every word of advice my mom will dish out. I just called her this morning about a rash! However, I ask for her advice.

There is a huge difference between asking for advice and having advice thrown at you. There were times in my pregnancy that I felt like I was up on stage having advice thrown at me like tomatoes.


Julia Roberts said it best when she was asked to give parenting advice. “It’s going to be so fun. They are a great couple, and I think they don’t need advice from me or anybody else because, also, you know, nobody’s there with you at 3 o’clock in the morning when you’re just going, ‘What do I do? Where did they come from, and when are they going? … You just sort of get through it, and you figure it out, and everybody does, and it’s a trial and error and a whole lot of tears, and it’s amazing.”

It’s ok to ask for advice and it’s ok to ignore advice. The best words of wisdom I receive are about those 3am moments. I love hearing about moments when new moms didn’t know what they were doing. Those stories are told with humor, love and understanding.


It’s Okay to Have a Social Life

Joe and I recently had friends over for a brunch that turned into an all day gathering. We had a blast and I had my first mimosa since pre-pregnancy. And then I had two more…

And then I felt guilty. I felt terribly guilty for giving my baby Similac because I didn’t have enough stored breast milk. There is nothing wrong with Similac except that Everett is picky and definitely likes breastfeeding way more.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who also likes mimosas who told me to stop with the mom guilt. He pointed to our chunky son and said “Look at him. He is a happy chunk. It’s ok for Mom to let loose once in a while.”

I forgot to mention, not only do I take my moms advice (because Yaya was sent from heaven to fix all things), but I also take Joe’s advice because Dad’s actually know what they are talking about. Especially when it comes to having a good time.

So go have a good time moms! Mimosas for everyone. 


It’s Okay to Hog your Baby

There is so much joy in seeing the love that everyone has for Everett. I could watch that love forever, but then I think, “Ok, now give him back.”

At first, I thought that I was having a hard time sharing my baby because of his unique way of entering this world, but I think all moms probably share this feeling.

It’s hard to share our cute little baby that we work so hard to keep happy and alive. I’m  up all night breastfeeding, burping, changing diapers, and rocking to sleep. I want to see his smiles and stop his cries during the day.

Even when I’m home alone, I hog Everett. People often say “get things done while he’s napping.” Yes, I love those long naps that allow me to do laundry, clean the house, (more honestly) watch Netflix, or write this post. But it is ok to hold your baby for hours on end. I love when he falls asleep on me. It’s those sleepy sounds, facial expressions, and that snuggle that I will remember forever.

Stop listening to the know-it-alls, have some fun, and hog on, Momma. 




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  1. Jenn Wang | 10th Jul 17

    What an adorable post and congrats on being a new mom! I’m not quite at that stage in my life yet but I think you offer some really great advice. <3


  2. Bryce Rae | 10th Jul 17

    I very much agree with you. I have been through this myself. It’s funny how many think they are an expert even when they have never had children themselves.

  3. Bryce Rae | 10th Jul 17

    I very much agree with you. I have been through this myself. It’s funny how many think they are an expert even when they have never had children themselves.

  4. Nancy | 20th Jul 17

    It is sooo hard to listen to advice from people while you’re pregnant! Like, I’m more worried about my swollen ankles right now than preparing to teach my baby sign language when he’s 4 months old!

  5. Cindy | 22nd Jul 17

    What a cute little guy! You’re right, enjoy those sleepy cuddles while they last. The memories you have of holding your baby will last a lifetime. You certainly won’t be thinking about the dishes that were in your sink when you’re sixty! Enjoy your time as a new mom 🙂

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