5 Baby Products That Saved My Life and Home

One thing I dreaded most about making my baby registry was the eye sores of baby products. I worked so hard (well, I worked) to try to make our home look a certain way. I didn’t want to ruin our rooms with bright rain forest accents and circus animals.

However, it turns out that there are functional products that aren’t hideous!


Here are 5 baby products that

saved my life and home:

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1. DockATot Deluxe

As far as function, our DockATot was the biggest lifesaver! We used the DockATot for naps, overnight sleeping, lounging, and in our bath time routine. You can put it on a bed, couch, floor, counter, table…basically any flat surface. It’s the perfect size, so we can take it anywhere. We plan to take it camping with us this weekend. It’s size also helped with Everett’s startle reflex. The snug fit of the DockATot stopped that feeling of falling and he slept like….well, like a baby.

Everett is a monster, so he is about to outgrow his Deluxe size, so we are looking to get him a DockATot Grand. I love the chevron neutral tones we have now, but they have a bunch of stylish covers!










2. Fisher Price Bounce N Sway Soother


It’s because of this product that I am writing this post. Everett is happily sleeping, being bounced and swayed while music plays. Bonus: it doesn’t play the same song over and over. It has 10 actually soothing songs that has put both Mom and Dad to sleep. It even has nature sounds.

Everett does not like to stop moving. This machine can sway and bounce at different speeds and also vibrates. As his vision got stronger, he’s started noticing the mobile, and now notices the mirror above his head. He loves looking and talking to himself, all while bouncing around.

It’s neutral with pops of color that are enough to entertain baby, but not enough to ruin my living room.




3. Eddie Bauer Wingback Swivel Glider

Did I mention that Everett hates to stop moving. This glider is a lifesaver! It’s also super comfortable and good-looking. My dad didn’t even realize it was for rocking the baby, he thought it was just a chair for the living room. Bravo Eddie Bauer, bravo.




4. Skip Hop Owl Soother and Sound Machine


This nightlight/sound machine is the best. It’s belly lights up and it projects stars, so I’m not tripping and falling when I wake up to nurse Everett. It also plays music and sounds that we rely on every night. I love the ocean sound, and seems to work because Everett puts himself to sleep every night and after every feeding. It also puts Joe and I to sleep. It does also have the heart beat sound, nature sounds, and music. The owl design is adorable and it’s neutral, so my bedroom still looks stylish.

I don’t have a photo of Everett using this…but I do have photos of it working.



5. Skip Hop Camping Cubs Activity Gym

This is Everett’s favorite thing to play with. He loves his play mat. The turtle has a mirror on it, and he loves to look at himself and tell stories. The bear rattles, the firefly lights up and has crinkly wings. The raccoon plays music and is a teether when that horrible stage starts (dreading that). His favorite part is kicking the sun. It has a crinkly texture, so it makes noise when he kicks it.

It’s also easy to pick up and bring back-and-forth from the living room to playroom, and we even pack it if we are going to the grandparent’s for the day. This mat is colorful, but it has cute pastel colors and an adorable scene.

I’ll let him tell you how much he loves it…

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  1. Nancy | 18th Jul 17

    Great idea for a post and really awesome products suggested! I felt the same way when registering. I have in with many items but found some that could match with the decor in our home. I do really like the Jonathan Adler items sold by BBB and obviously anything from Land of Nod (if you have a higher budget in mind). Love your pics, as well!

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