Baby’s Corner

Nesting has begun!

Here is a look at the baby’s area in our master bedroom. We still need to build him a room in the barn, but for now I am preparing him a space in our room.

I had my eyes set on an Ikea crib, however Ikea is about 3 hours away and shipping costs are crazy! I searched on craigslist, and low and behold an ikea crib was for sale a few towns over. The crib is called the Sundvik Crib and it converts to a toddler bed. I got a great deal and it was never even used!

The gold baskets are from Walmart, and were only $1.98! I used gold hooks to put them on the wall. You can’t buy them separately online, but here in the link to buy a pack of 6.

The “& so the adventure begins” and, “Love you to the moon and back” art work was found at Marshalls.

We now have a mattress and more decorations, so I will update with photos soon!

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