Fixer Upper Style Storage Under $50

“People say believe half of what you see, son
and none of what you hear
But I can’t help but be confused
If it’s true, please tell me dear”
– Marvin Gaye

Have you all heard the rumor about Chip and Joanna Gaines leaving Fixer Upper? I did, and I believed it. I read a very convincing article, plus I am very gullible. Rumor had it, Joanna was getting into the business of facial creams. Also convincing…have you seen her face? It’s pretty spectacular. I won’t lie, I looked into buying it.

Well, I’m here to squash that rumor. I’m definitely a little late, but give me a break, I’m a new mom. The Gaines are filming the next season of Fixer Upper, and Joanna is not selling facial cream.


Now that the truth is out, lets find some Fixer Upper style storage that you can afford after purchasing all that facial cream.


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 All Things Storage: Under $50


Extra Large Round Wire Decorative Storage Bin

This bin is from Threshold at Target.

“Load it up with stuffed animals in the kids room. Or pillows and blankets in the family room. Or laundry in the bedroom. And it’s so attractive you wont have to hide it away in the closet. Beautiful. Versatile. Must-have. “

This would look perfect in any room!


The Galvanized Mail Holder

This super pretty mail holder is also from Threshold at Target. They have some great farmhouse decor!

“The Galvanized Mail Holder is so pretty, you won’t believe how practical it is. This metal mail holder comes in a beautiful, textured cast finish. It is styled like an open envelope, with a slot to store your mail or other important documents in style.”

I don’t know about you, but I throw all my mail on top of my refrigerator. Out of sight, out of mind. Until I have to get a bar stool to stand on to look for that mail that was actually very important. Save yourself the time and fear of heights with this stylish alternative.


Magnolia Home Sugar Mold White 6-Pen HolderMagnolia Home Sugar Mold White 6-Pen Holder

I love, love, love this storage/organizer from Magnolia Home at Pier 1. It is perfect for a playroom or a desk!

“Borrowed from yesterday and repurposed for today, this Sugar Mold Pen Holder from the Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines looks just like the ones used to form small cakes of sugar in days gone by. Handcrafted of pine, it’s just right for pens on your desk, crayons on your kids’ craft table or other things you need to keep nearby.”

I really want to get Everett his own mini farm table for doing crafts on and eating on when he is older. This organizer would look perfect on an old farm table.



Magnolia Home Logo Metal Milk BucketMagnolia Home Logo Metal Milk Bucket

This milk bucket is from Magnolia Home at Pier 1. The logo makes this bucket a must-have.

“One bucket—so many uses. The handcrafted Logo Metal Milk Bucket from the Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines looks pretty on the kitchen table when filled with seasonal flowers, handsome by the hearth filled with kindling wood and useful by the back door filled with newspapers ready to be recycled.”

I have a faux fireplace mantle this bucket would look great next to filled with some wood. You can’t get any closer to Fixer Upper style than Magnolia Home!



“In summary, don’t buy the facial cream, friends”
– Joanna Gaines

And if you already did, you could at least buy some cute things to store it in!

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