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I was surprised with an amazing baby shower on Sunday. My mom and Joe’s mom did an absolutely amazing job. Our home looked beautiful, full of flowers, family, and friends. You couldn’t even tell that it was -8 degrees outside.

Joe and I are naming our baby boy Everett James. Everett is a family name on Joe’s side, and it means, “strong, brave, and hearty” which is perfect for the adventure he is bringing us on. James is a family name on my side, both after my grandfather, and big brother.

My dad calls Everett little bear, so he now has an adorable amount of bear themed items.

My cousin made me this beautiful sign! She is so talented.

I registered at Target and received so many amazing gifts! Our boy is going to be styling. With the gift cards we received, I was able to buy the items we didn’t get. All items on the registry are 15% off  eight weeks prior to the big day, and anything left on your registry.

Our favorite gifts were the books! Everett received so many books! We have been trying to read one every night, and now we can read the beautiful notes that people wrote to him on the front covers. (This photo shows only a tiny fraction of the books he received.) We have them on picture ledges, which we also purchased from target.

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